4 Ways Walt Disney Turned Seeming Failure into Success

ins_specialoffers_disneylandAs you make your way to Disneyland, your children are probably beyond excited. You might even be a bit excited as well since Disneyland has a way of making you feel like a kid again. However, as an adult you are entertained by different things so some fun facts about the man who started it all might serve to amuse you.

  1. When Walt Disney first created his proposal concerning Disneyland and offered it to the city of Anaheim, the proposal was denied. The city officials declared that the park “would only attract riff raff” and they did not want their city polluted by these type of people.
  2. As a young man Walt Disney took a job with a local newspaper. The job was short lived as his editor declared that Disney “lacked imagination and had no good ideas”. Let that be a lesson to you not to base your worth on anyone else’s opinion.
  3. Although Disney attended only one year of high school and had several failed businesses before the business of cartoons and theme parks grew to its peak, Disney was so successful that won 32 Oscars, more than anyone else in history.
  4. When Disney first came up with the idea of remaking a full length, animated film in color he was told it would be a failure. Disney had dreamt of creating something like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs since he was 15 years old and everyone around him was suggesting that making such a film could bankrupt the company. They even dubbed it “Disney’s Folly”. Times being different than they are now, it was even suggested that the Wicked Witch as well as the Enchanted Forest were far too scary for children. At first it would seem that they were right about the potential bankruptcy as the film came in around 400% over the original budget or in today’s market, right under $33 million. However, when it was all said and done, Disney realized great success with his first feature length color animated and grossed $1.6 billion.

Not everyone loved Walt Disney and you can find plenty of negative information about him in libraries, in the media, and on the Internet, but you cannot deny that he had an uncanny ability to turn every potential failure into a success. He encouraged his employees to do the same by endeavoring to cultivate a creative atmosphere that would allow them to flourish.


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