Arrrgh! It’s a Pirate Party at Disneyland for Halloween

pirate treasure hunt 037For all your pirate fans, you are cordially invited to attend the Pirate Party at Disneyland!  You don’t even have to worry about dressing up your little swashbuckler, everything is included in the prices of the packages and there are a few of them to choose from!  The Pirates League Experience starts on Sept. 13 and is running through Halloween.  Your crew will be turned into pirates by a group of professionals but keep in mind, this is only for the kids and all parents will have to dress in their own pirate gear before the event!  This event is located at that Festival Arena in Frontierland as Disneyland Park.  Below are the packages and what they offer in order of lowest price to highest.

Jake and the Never Land Pirates

This is the most cost effective of all the packages and includes a Jake and the Never Land Pirates bandana with fake hair, face paint, sword and sheath, a Pirate’s League gift back and a coin necklace that is unique to the experience.

The First Mate

Your child can choose from Black Beard, Black Eyed Jack, Captain Hook or Ghosted Pirated face paint.  They will also receive a reversible bandana, earring and eye patch along with a sword and sheath.  They will also receive the Pirates League gift back, a temporary tattoo, the coin necklace a personalized pirate oath and will be given their own official pirate name.

The Empress

Not all pirates are boys and this is perfect for the little girl who wants to be a pirate too!  She will receive awesome makeup that includes nail polish, lip gloss and a face gem.  All of the other items the boys get are also offered such as the sword and sheath, Pirates League bag, a temporary tattoo, the coin necklace, pirate oath and her own pirate name.

Keep in mind that all children must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of their time spent at the Pirate Party.  All costumes only come in child sizes so there are no selections for the adults in the group.  Also, you do have to pay to get into the park to take part in the Pirate Party and all package costs are not included in the admission price.  If you find that you cannot make it to the experience, your credit card will be charged a $10 cancellation fee so make sure you are able to make it on the day you book your package for your child.


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