Disney Breaking Ground on an Avatar Ride in the Animal Kingdom

avatar ride at disneyFor fans of Avatar, Disney is now breaking ground on an Avatar ride that will take place in the Animal Kingdom section of the park.  In an expo in Japan, James Cameron and Joe Rhode spoke about the project and also presented some conceptual artwork that illustrates the theme of the Banshee, the name of the Avatar ride.  There will be some great new technologies that are put into place in order to make the ride more attractive and interactive for the guests.

When Can We Go to Pandora?

It will be some time before guests can enter Pandora on the Banshee ride as it is not set to debut until 2017 but the excitement is already building up for many.  While the construction is getting ready to start soon, it seems like a long time to wait for the final ride but with all the advances in technology it seems like the wait will be well worth it.  It is not unusual for a ride of the caliber to take a few years to get launched due to all the separate construction features but when you add in the lifelike quality of the world of Pandora then this time frame doesn’t really seem that long at all.

What the Ride Entails

There are actually two separate rides in one for guests to take part of and they are listed below:

  • Boat Ride – The first part of the ride will take guests through the nighttime forest of Pandora and will feature audio animatronics similar to other adventures in the park.  This is considered the nighttime adventure and offers all the beauty of Pandora at night in the same fashion that was illustrated in the movie.  It will also be possible to interact with certain parts of this aspect of the ride and it is exciting just imagining what parts will be interactive.  Can you make the flowers disappear with a touch like in the actual movie or will there be other ways to feel like you are on the actual planet?
  • The Banshee – The banshee are the flying lizards on Pandora that the characters bond with and ride and guests are given the opportunity to ride their own banshee and fly through the world of Pandora.  They will traverse the floating mountains and can look down at the Mother Tree and see the glow of the terrain as it comes to life in the nighttime hours.  This is a great way to feel like you are a part of Pandora and not just at a theme park riding an adventure ride; you’ll be in the actual world.

Any Avatar fanatic will be on pins and needles until the ride opens and they can take their own tour of the planet Pandora to see firsthand all the beauty that it contains.  And what fan wouldn’t love being able to ride a banshee to get an incredible aerial view of this fantasy world that was created by James Cameron?



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