Disneyland finally cracks down on “ticket renting”.

The process of buying a four or five-day Disneyland Park-Hopper and “renting”(selling the days individually) may finally be coming to an end. In the past few years several of these Craigslist-based businesses have popped-up in the neighborhood; leaving many unsuspecting guests stranded at the gate with invalid tickets. According to Disney rules; tickets are non-transferable. Meaning that the multi-day hoppers can only be used by the person that they were issued to. While obtaining a $125 pass for $80 to $125.00 sounds attractive, it may prove to be embarrassing. Disney cast-members have been trained to spot “rented” tickets and will now check the I.D. of all four and five-day pass-holders upon entering the park. Turning away any ticketholders deemed suspect and forcing them to re-purchase their tickets should they wish to enter the parks that day. In the very near future Disneyland will adopt an electronic system; possibly using fingerprints, to ensure they are admitting the correct guest.
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