Encourage a Budding Artist While on Vacation

pastel-fish-1431121-mSometimes when you take your children on vacation you run out of ideas to keep them occupied. You’ve seen Disneyland, but you know Anaheim and the surrounding area have to have something more to offer as well. Just the idea of being in California made you feel more creative because you know this is the place where people embrace different cultures and concepts. Can you imagine the creativity it has caused to happen within your children?

The City of Brea Art Gallery is running an artistic event just for children. On Saturday, February 8, 2014, from 1:30 to 3:30 your child can experience instruction for use of acrylic paints. The February Acrylic Painting Workshop for Kids focuses on portrait painting, and later this year a second workshop will involve teaching children how to paint still life.

If you are going to be in Orange County with your family at this time anyhow, you can have a couple of hours for an adult lunch while your child enjoys learning a new talent. Vacation is for fun and memory making, but it doesn’t hurt to take some time out to develop personal skills and give your child a chance to learn the details of expressing yourself through art.

Even on vacation children tend to be attached to electronics and forget about some of the simpler things in life. Aside from that, if you have a child who has shown an interest in art, this Orange County activity is the perfect way for you to let your child know that you have noticed the interest and you are prepared to back it up. You may even use this to determine whether or not you want to invest in more art supplies for your child as you listen to how excited they get about this workshop.

Painting a portrait is no easy task, but this workshop will teach children about the different details that can be incorporated into an acrylic painting to make the portrait come to life. From creating the outline to enhancing various features, your budding artist will learn the tips and tricks to painting a portrait. If you and your family are visiting Anaheim or Orange County in general, don’t miss this opportunity to encourage your budding young artist. Don’t forget, Disneyland is not the only thing that Orange County has to offer young people. Take advantage of this workshop while it is available and give your child something more than a Mickey Mouse souvenir to take home with them.


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