Fly a Fighter Jet at Flightdeck in Anaheim

flightdeck-air-combat-center-gear-patrolHave you ever watched the movie Top Gun and imagined that you were Maverick or the Iceman?  If you’ve always dreamed of flying a fighter jet then you need to check out Flightdeck in Anaheim California.  This is a flight simulation center that boasts a whopping nine different jet simulators and a Boeing 737-700 simulator.  You get to man the controls and when flying the fighter jets, you can even engage the enemy in dog fights.

You do need to book your time with the simulator well in advance as this is a very popular attraction.  Once you arrive, you’ll go through preflight mission walkthrough along with a brief description and lesson on how to use the controls.  Once you have become well versed in the cockpit of your choice, you’ll strap in and get into your adventure.  The prices are very reasonable with the fighter jet starting at just under $60 and the Boeing simulator runs under $100.  Those who want to bring a large group can get discounts and there are also special packages for corporate events.

If you’ve ever wanted to fly a plane and don’t have the money for all the lessons and air time, this is the adventure for you!


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