Have you been to the Muzeo?

Just a mile or so from the hotel; in the revitalized downtown section of Anaheim, is Muzeo. Muzeo is a small, but beautifully maintained museum space, featuring revolving exhibits that are both interesting and thoughtful. It came into it’s own last year with it’s outstanding chocolate exhibition, drawing in guests from all over the world. Since then, they’ve managed to impress with many other long-term exhibits that manage to be both timely and compelling. Such as Chicano Art & Soul, Discovering Chimpanzees: The Remarkable World of Jane Goodall, Monsters and Beasts:Hairy, Scary and Unleashed!

Their newest; Spies, Traitors and Saboteurs: Fear and Freedom in America looks to be their best yet. Created by The International Spy Museum in Washington D.C., it takes a provocative look at security threats throughout our nation’s history. Utilizing thought-provoking film clips, “Spies” explore nine major events in U.S. history…From a plot to kidnap George Washington to the more recent 9/11 attacks. With each major event, attendees track the terror as it happened and witness how the government and public responded. Examining the challenges of securing our country, without compromising the civil liberties on which it was founded.

It all sounds very compelling to us.


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