How to Pack Lightly for a Weekend Getaway

travel-girl-1066116-mIf you are planning a weekend getaway then you don’t need to bring your entire closet.  You do however, want to make sure that you have everything need.  There are some items that you can leave behind without any worries and others that you should always have.  Below are some tips for both men and women for packing lightly for a weekend getaway.

Women – Ladies, you’re only going to be away from home for a couple of days so there is no need to bring tons of clothes.  Limit it to one pair of jeans for day wear and a nice pair of slacks for the evening.  Add in a couple of shirts and underclothes and you’re good to go.  Don’t worry about a blow dryer as most hotels supply them.

Men – As with the ladies, a pair of jeans, a pair of slacks and a couple of shirts is all you really need for a weekend getaway.

For both genders, hotels also supply toiletries so don’t bother bringing huge bottles of shampoo and conditioner.  This is the best way to take everything you need on a carryon and not have to worry about checked baggage at the airport.


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