Is Disney finally doing-away with paper tickets?

We’ve been hearing rumors about this for a loooong time. This Spring, Disney will implement a new system called MyMagic+, in Orlando. Each visitor will be issued a rubber bracelet called a MagicBand; each band has a unique I.D. code that identifies the guest in the Disney database. It will allow guests to purchase food and souvenirs with just the tap of a wrist. It will also give users access to a website and smartphone app called- My Disney Experience- which will allow them to pre-select three fast-passes, book show reservations and character meet-and-greets up to sixty-days in advance without ever leaving the house.

The controversial side of this is it enters Disney into the world of personal data collection. Many fear the “Big-Brother” aspect, but it will enable Disney to personally tailor your park experience. Imagine Tinkerbell being able to know your child’s name and that it’s their birthday without prompting her beforehand, or the ability to interact with specified animatronic characters. While most will appreciate this new modernization of the parks, Disney acknowledges that many will have reservations regarding their personal privacy and says they are prepared. Noting that guests can choose what information is given and that nothing is more important than protecting that. Credit card information is stored in Disney’s database NOT the actual wristband.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts chairman, Tom Staggs explains the need for an overhaul, “Over the past few years, we’ve continued to build on our legacy of innovation to take the entire Disney guest experience to a new level. Our goal is to deliver a more immersive, more seamless and more personal experience to each and every guest who spends time with us.”

For the time being, MyMagic+ is in limited testing in the Florida parks and will be available to all Walt Disney World visitors later in 2013. Anaheim can’t be far behind.

One Response to Is Disney finally doing-away with paper tickets?

  1. Angel Says:

    No, Disney has far to many guest rooms and if they offered that beiefnt the fast pass line would be 20-30min long just with hotel guests. Universal has less then an 1/10 of the resort guest that Disney has so they can offer that feature and still keep the express pass wait short.

    August 12, 2013


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