Is Disney Finally making A Tomorrowland Movie?!

Disney fan-favorite director Brad Bird, director of The Incredibles, The Iron Giant and Mission impossible: Ghost Protocol has been hinting over the past several months about a project entitled “1952”. Fans have been speculating that this is the Tomorrowland project that has been buzzing around Hollywood for a while now. A few weeks back, Disney announced that controversial writer Damon Lindeloff(Lost, Prometheus) would be tackling the screenplay, which only amped-up fan expectation. Late last week; Disney announced the star of the film, a relative unknown by the name of George Clooney! As well as a new working title, “Tomorrowland”.
Folks have been speculating that Clooney will be playing Walt Disney; but the studio already has a film in post-production (Saving Mr. Banks), with Tom Hanks as Disney…So that seems highly unlikely.
But,why the year 1952? Especially since Disneyland opened in 1955 and Tomorrowland is designed to emulate the 1986 of the future…Our guess is that 1952 is the year that Scientist Werner Von Braun published “Man Will Conquer Space Soon”, the article that kick-started the “space race”. Were guessing the completed film will have a cool, retro-future vibe emulating that time period…More like “The Rocketeer” or “The Jetsons”, than something with a modern feel like “Star Trek” or “Prometheus”. I guess we’ll just have to wait until December 19, 2014 to find out.


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