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Have you been to the Muzeo?

Just a mile or so from the hotel; in the revitalized downtown section of Anaheim, is Muzeo. Muzeo is a small, but beautifully maintained museum space, featuring revolving exhibits that are both interesting and thoughtful. It came into it’s own last year with it’s outstanding chocolate exhibition, drawing in guests from all over [...]

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Where The Internet and Disney Fandom Meet: Disney Hacks!

The place where the internet and Disney fandom meet, is an interesting one. As the internet has grown; Disney fans have become more and more connected in a way no-one would’ve thought possible. Organically creating a network of fans that often know more about the goings-on in the parks than the employees do.
Here is just [...]

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Is Disney Finally making A Tomorrowland Movie?!

Disney fan-favorite director Brad Bird, director of The Incredibles, The Iron Giant and Mission impossible: Ghost Protocol has been hinting over the past several months about a project entitled “1952”. Fans have been speculating that this is the Tomorrowland project that has been buzzing around Hollywood for a while now. A few weeks back, [...]

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NAMM will bring 95,000 to Anaheim

The National Association of Music Merchants is holding their annual convention at The Anaheim Convention Center January 24-27. NAMM is THE premier annual music-industry trade show with merchants and musicians descending on Anaheim from around the world to display and experience the newest in music-related gadgets and gear. While the show isn’t open to the [...]

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Is Disney finally doing-away with paper tickets?

We’ve been hearing rumors about this for a loooong time. This Spring, Disney will implement a new system called MyMagic+, in Orlando. Each visitor will be issued a rubber bracelet called a MagicBand; each band has a unique I.D. code that identifies the guest in the Disney database. It will allow guests to purchase [...]

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