Ready to “Glow With The Show”?

In a program that began last July, Disneyland is now offering “Mickey ears” that feature infra-red technology allowing the guest to truly be a part of the magic. The hats feature a receiver that syncs-up to the colors, lights and rhythms of several of the parks biggest attractions. Turning show like, “World of Color”, “Fantasmic” and the nightly fireworks into immersive, interactive experiences. The cost of these special “ears”is $25.00 (currently the number-one question at our front desk) and not only do they read the signals from the parks, but react to each other as well. For example if you place two hats together, they will sync to the same color. They can also currently tell how many times a guest has experienced certain attractions.
The “smart hats” are also capable of creating patterns, creating a star field during the WallE, and a blue ocean during The Little Mermaid segments of World of Color. There are sensors throughout the parks, constantly activating the hats to sync to the beats and colors of the guests current location. Places like Flo’s V8 Café and Luigi’s Flying Tires in Cars Land come alive in ways that wasn’t possible before the technology. Naturally they are more effective after the sun goes down, turning the music and dancing of The Mad Tea party into a pulsing display of sound and color. Disney’s imagineers say they have just scratched the surface of this new technology and the best is yet to come…


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