Where The Internet and Disney Fandom Meet: Disney Hacks!

The place where the internet and Disney fandom meet, is an interesting one. As the internet has grown; Disney fans have become more and more connected in a way no-one would’ve thought possible. Organically creating a network of fans that often know more about the goings-on in the parks than the employees do.
Here is just a sampling of the many, many Disneyland “hacks” out there that Disney fans have compiled while trying to save time and money…

1. The line for Dole Whips is usually significantly shorter inside The Tiki Room, than
Outside. FYI, They are also now available at Aladdin’s Oasis.

2. Three words….Single. Rider. Line.

3. You can ask for a special map of The Jungle Cruise after you complete the ride.
Limited quantities are available each day.

4. If you purchase coffee or tea at The Market House on Main St., you can get free refills
Throughout the day, provided you keep your receipt.

5. Roger Rabbit, Radiator Springs, California Screamin’ and The Grizzly River Run are
all off the Fast-pass “grid”. Meaning if you Fast-pass these rides, it won’t cancel your

6. Make sure to get a pin from City Hall if you are celebrating a special event. While not
“official”, most of the “sit-down” restaurants will offer free dessert or drinks.

There are just a few of the thousands out there. If you have any Disney hacks of you own, please let us know about them through our Facebook page.


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