4 Fun Facts about Disneyland

walt-disneyWhen you think of Disneyland, you probably think about the fairy tale castle and all the characters, but Disneyland is much more than that and plays host to several fun facts.

  1. Walt Disney refused to sell gum at Disneyland. Though he had no problem with children chewing gum in itself, he knew that people dispose of gum in rude ways and he wanted his guests to enjoy their time at Disneyland and not have to pull gum off their shoes.
  2. Micky Mouse has an alias. When Disney first created the character of Mickey Mouse, his name was Mortimer. Mrs. Disney thought the name sounded too pompous.
  3. If you have ever watched the movie “Toy Story”, you know that all of Andy’s toys have to hide the fact that they are alive. Because of this, they are constantly on the watch for Andy or another human to come into the bedroom or where ever they happen to be at the time. When Andy is on his way in, one of the toys will yell “Andy’s coming” and all of the toys will drop to the ground. To make the Disneyland experience as fun as possible, the Toy Story characters would repeat this process with guests. When a guest would yell “Andy’s coming”, the characters would stop what they were doing and drop to the ground. Unfortunately, a meme concerning this event was created on Facebook and went viral, resulting in Disneyland visitors doing this several times and hour. Because of the frequency of this happening, this event was stopped as of 2013. Hopefully sometime in the future the characters can resume their activities since children and adults alike enjoyed this.
  4. Did you know that Walt Disney once had an apartment in Disneyland? It was a one bedroom located above the fire station located on Main St., USA. As a matter of convenience Disney had a fire pole installed that went from his apartment to the fire station. Walt Disney would often stay here so he could supervise the progress of the park. When he was there, he left a light on in the window to alert his workers that he was there supporting them. The light still burns today, but the fire pole is closed up. Disney would slide down the pole as he started his work day, but when guests of the park decided to climb the pole to meet Disney, he had it sealed off to protect himself and his family.


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