Anaheim Angels Opening Night

On April 6th, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will be kicking off their opening night of the 2012 baseball season.  This isn’t just another opening night; it’s the official start to Albert Pujols’ and C.J. Wilson’s career with the Angels.  With Pujols being the best hitter of this generation, will he help lead the Angels to the World Series? We sure hope so!

Opening night features the Anaheim Angels against the Kansas City Royals. We sure do hope that extra week of Spring Training helps the Angels beat the Royals.

Don’t forget to pick up your free Schedule Magnet when you walk through the gates at the stadium. You’ll want to keep track of all their games this 2012 season. Also, since the game is on a Friday night, you won’t want to miss the firework show at the end of the game.


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