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D23 – The official Disney Fan Club Expo – The Ultimate Disney Fan Event

The time is quickly approaching for Disney fans to come together for the D23 expo in Anaheim California on August 9 – August 11 2013 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Over the past 2 year more than 40,000 Disney fans from around the world have gathered at the Anaheim Convention Center for D23- The Ultimate Disney […]

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Theme Park Halloween Haunts in Southern California

The time has come for all the southern California attractions to move away from their cheerful demeanors and prepare to open their haunts to the Ghosts, Ghouls, Tricks and of course treats of Halloween. [more]

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Take a VIP tour of Universal Studios

Travelling, even when going on vacation, can sometimes be a hassle without the proper planning or preparation. What was supposed to be fun-filled R&R for you and your family can end-up being the exact opposite: stressful, strenuous, and totally exhausting. [more]

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The Best Places To Eat At Disneyland: Part 1 – Snacks

Visiting Disneyland is an amazing experience and the kids sure enjoy the that comes with it. Unfortunately, it will leave you exhausted with all that walking and running around. So always stay hydrated and well-fed to get the best experience out of your Disney visit. [more]

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Leap Day at Disneyland

When we say you can ‘spend the entire day‘ at Disneyland, we really mean it. Not only do you get an extra 24 hours this year because of Leap Year, you also get an extra day to spend at The Happiest Place on Earth. Disneyland is allowing guests to roam the park for 24 ENTIRE […]

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